Dry Skin Cures

There are many factors that have a lot to do with the skin tone. Like the first factor that mainly constitutes your eating ways, sleeping hours, applying and removing your make up. You have a healthy diet, around six to seven hours of sleep and remove your make up before sleep. The other major factor that contributes to your skin tone is Weather condition. Like if the weather is cool, it has cool air which leads to dry skin. For this you need to take hot baths and apply moisturizer continuously on your skin. If the weather is hot, it has dry air which again leads to dry skin and exposure to dry skin can harm your skin. It is again suggested to apply oil or moisturizer on skin before and after bath. Really, you can use moisturizer any number of times during the day or night. In fact, it is a good idea to get rid of dry skin and get a fresh look. Your skin will be grateful for this act of kindness by you!

How to Take Care of Your Skin

"Every problem has a Remedy". You can really avoid dryness by doing some regular activities, so that you can always have a smooth and shiny skin. Almost every person is suffering from Skin Dryness today but they do not know how to overcome this. This has been a big issue now. Following are the conducts to treat this problem. If these conducts are followed on a regular basis, they can give you sure results.


  • You should not utilize tap water; instead you can use mineral water every morning and tap your skin dry. You can also apply a thin layer of moisturizer after drying your skin to refurbish the elasticity of skin

  • You can use various herbal methods to heel your dryness that add Aloe Vera which is a good moisturizer and smoothens your skin, Calendula and comfrey help in diminishing redness on the skin, lavender oil helps in reducing skin irritation, a mixture of borage, fennel, coltsfoot with hot water can be drunk daily to avoid dryness or you can put this mixture in water and boil it to take steam for some time. This acts as a herbal toner for the skin

  • Moisturizing your skin in the night and day can give better benefits to your skin. You should first do cleansing on your skin, wash your face with moisturizer and tap the face dry. Then apply some moisturizer and keep it for five minutes on the face so that it can be soaked. After that, remove the extra moisturizer with a tissue. This will make your skin look fresh and charming.


  • You should take a milk bath within a week to get well fostered skin. For this, you can put some milk in hot water and some oil in it.  Bath with this water, pat dry your skin and feel the difference. You will get a smooth skin.

  • You can also use the milk cream to rub it on your dry skin areas. It can even be used when you have cracked skin, peel or lips

  • Usage of any of the creams, alkaline soaps, hot water, and detergent in excess should be avoided. Even you should avoid going in the sun to get relief from skin dryness.

  • Following a diet plan to heel up your dry skin in a faster way. You can add quantity of fresh juice, fruits, vegetables, proteins, grains, nuts in your diet along with fibrous food. You can also increase the amount of garlic, eggs, and onions in your diet as they are rich in sulfur which is good for your skin. Water should be included in your diet that too at least eight to ten glasses of water a day .

    Dry skin can be an actual ache to care for and to live with. Following the above remedies for dry skin can reward you alarming and long lasting results. So, what are you waiting for? Just bring the above practices in your daily routine and make your dream of getting a glowing and smooth skin true forever.


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Its amazing, looking at the time and effort you put into your blog and detailed information you provide. I'll bookmark your blog and visit it weekly for your new posts.
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