In the ancient times, scars on one's body were either acknowledged and embraced or enclosed up with makeup. Nowadays it appears that each other day a new process is presented to the ample of people promising things like "get free of cellulite", evict wrinkles etc. There are processes for approximately everything possible that will help you shed weight, plain your skin and make you look younger and improved. Plastic surgical procedure, liposuction and laser treatments are just some of the processes that are accessible. One of the processes which are gaining reputation these last few years is Botox.

If you are still wondering "what is Botox"  the answer to this question is Botox is one of the many trade names for the neurotoxin protein called botulinum toxin that is formed by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. In large amount, the protein causes botulism, a rare paralytic sickness often associated to food poisoning.

However, the protein is used in makeup medication to take care of moderate to severe forehead line, unrestrained blinking, lazy eye, wrinkles, and facial creases. These processes use a little quantity of watery botulinum toxin that helps prohibited weakening of muscles.

Botulinum toxin is sold I market under the trade names Botox, BTXA, Dysport, Myobloc, Neurobloc, Xeomin, Botox Cosmetic, and Vistabel.

Working of Botox

Botox works to calm down the tightening of muscles by jamming nerve impulses. The outcome is muscles that can no more contract, and so the wrinkles calm down and become softer. It typically takes two to four days to see beauty enhancement and the special effects tend to last from four to six months. Most patients need retreatment to get rid of wrinkles and lines as they begin to come back, but after each vaccination the wrinkles revisit as less harsh as the muscles are skilled to calm down.

Administration of Botox

Botox process do not need anesthesia and generally take just a few minutes to carry out. The protein is injected into the muscle using a superior needle in a way to reduce uneasiness and get the most out of precision. It is suggested that patients stay away from alcohol for about a week previous to the process. In order to reduce staining, patients should end using aspirin and anti-inflammatory medications about two weeks before procedure. For cosmetic process, a study published in Dermatologic treatment found that man need a higher dose then a women.

Cost of Botox

The standard price of Botox injections is 350 dollars to 500 dollars for each part you want examined. Certainly this price changes depending on where you want the injections, how is administering the injections and where you want to have the process done.

Is Botox Better Than a Surgery

According to the American Society of Synthetic Surgeons, whether Botox gives better results than a surgery depends on the age of patient.People in their 30s who have had restricted contact to daylight generally show signs of aging in their eyes and temple area first, with crow's feet and some bursting of the eyelid. As they have not lost much amount at this position, Botox generally level out the lines that people want to get free of.

When people go into their 40s the center of the face starts to move as the cheeks drop some of their plump and laugh outline deposit in. The cheeks become dispirited towards the end of the 4th decade, and the jowls begin to droop. A mixture of Botox as well as negligible lifting process will offer the most excellent outcome.

Manufacturer of Botox

In the United States, Botox is manufactured by Allergen, Inc. for both remedial and makeup use. Dysport, a therapeutic formulation of the type A toxin developed and manufactured in Ireland, is licensed for the treatment of cosmetic uses in the US. China manufactures a BTX-A product, producing 50U and 100U type A toxin. Neuron ox, a BTX-A product, was introduced by of South Korea. In America, Neuron ox is also identified as Siax. Merz manufactures the toxin and sells it under the commercial name Xeomin.

You can seek the services of a specialized that look after Botox at clinics. It is best to have a doctor who specializes in it to help you. It is a good idea to get a discussion before you have the procedure done so you are acquainted with accurately what to look forward to.

So be ready to get rid of wrinkled skin and get dramatically a younger looking skin!!!


0 #1 Ali Reza Ebadi 2013-11-23 13:40
Dear Sir/ Madam
I'm Alireza Ebadi as Business Development Manager in Ronas Teb Co. from Tehran-Iran. We are interested in your Botox and we wish to find a way in order to be your exclusive agent in Iran. and unfortunately I don't know whether you have exclusive distributor in Iran or not. So may I ask you to discuss about our request and please send me your main specification of this product in addition to all following information that I ticked all of them.
Your prompt reply is highly appreciated.

Sincerely Yours
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