Every girl wants to be a mother one day. It is a privilege that is given to her by god. She is the only person on earth who has the ability to give birth. Therefore, the development process of baby in womb of mother is special. To enjoy the process of pregnancy, the pregnancy is discussed in detail here.

The Pregnancy is Divided into Trimesters

First Trimester

It starts from week one and end up at week thirteen.

  1. During the first and second week of pregnancy, the pregnancy starts as the body is preparing itself for fertilization.

  2. During the third week of pregnancy, the egg meets the sperm and the process of fertilization will take place. The baby now can be represented as a group of cells.

  3. During the fourth week of pregnancy, the baby will divide to form placenta and embryo and some specific parts of the baby will start to grow.

  4. The week five of the pregnancy is marked by growth of baby heart and circulatory system, and how if you test your pregnancy the reports will be positive.

  5. In week six of pregnancy, the baby face starts to take a shape.

  6. In week seven of pregnancy, the breast of bay will start to grow.

  7. In week eight, the baby starts to move in the womb of the mother and you start to experience morning sickness.

  8. In week nine, the muscle of baby starts to grow.

  9. In week ten, the baby build up his bones, from this week onwards the mother should increase her fiber diet.

  10. In week eleven, the baby feel more human now, you start to feel the little baby inside your body.

  11. In week twelve, the mother become double of her original weight, this is not weight gain of mother but weight of the baby.

  12. The week thirteen of the pregnancy marks end of the first trimester, in this week the baby grow up to size of a peach fruit.

Second Trimester

It starts at week fourteen and end up at week twenty seven.

  1. In week fourteen, the hair on the body, head and eyebrow starts to grow.

  2. In week fifteen, the baby may kick his legs in the womb and develop his dental structure.

  3. In week sixteen, the vision and the eyelashes of the baby start to develop.

  4. In week seventeen, the baby is practicing sucking and swallowing so that she can such milk from the breast or swallow milk from bottle.

  5. In week eighteen, the baby starts to move around at any time.

  6. In week nineteen, the skin of the baby is under a protective coating, but the mother may receive many cramps on her body.

  7. In week twenty, you can find out the gender of the baby.

  8. In week twenty one, the stretch marks begin to develop on the body of mother.

  9. In week twenty two, the baby sense organs and the mother feet grow rapidly during this phase.

  10. In week twenty three, the baby is growing slightly fat.

  11. In week twenty four, the naval of the mother will be growing out and the baby would be developing his facial features.

  12. In week twenty five, the baby takes his first breath.

  13. In week twenty six, baby opens his eyes for the first time.

  14. In week twenty seven, the baby has a entire new development.

Third Trimester

It begins from twenty eighth week and end up at forty second week.

  1. In week twenty eight, the baby starts to blink and dream.

  2. In week twenty nine, the baby is gaining weight because of development of veins.

  3. In week thirty, the brain of the baby is developing.

  4. In week thirty one, the usability of sensory organ increase.

  5. In week thirty two, the baby does a practice of sucking and breathing.

  6. In thirty three, the immune system of baby becomes stronger.

  7. In week thirty four, the testicle of the baby boy moves down.

  8. In week thirty five, the weight of babies brain increases, thereby load on bladder of mother also increase.

  9. In week thirty six, the bones of baby are ready.

  10. In week thirty seven, the baby prepares himself for sucking, twisting and breathing in the womb of mother.

  11. In week thirty eight, the baby takes his first breath, while you are producing colostrums, the predecessor of breast milk.

  12. In week thirty nine, the development of brain of baby is proceeding at a faster rate.

  13. In week forty, it is called as an official end of pregnancy.

  14. In week forty one, the baby is overdue, he can be born anytime in next week, the mother receive lot of pain during this period.

  15. In last week of pregnancy, the baby is overdue and the baby can be born any time now.

Take care and give birth to a healthy baby!!!

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