While growing down to the road of getting older, we not only become more headier but also gain a major tendency of losing the hair on our head. Ordinarily, men and women, as said to be as unalike as belonging to Mars and Venus, also share to have totally different reasons for lessening of hair on their scalp. But what remains same are the creepy symptoms, which usually involve thinning of hair leading to popping up of the ill-fitting question: How to control thinning of hair? As you grow older, not only do you grow wiser but as a sign of wisdom, you start losing your hair. And to know exactly when it starts, you need to understand the life cycle of human hair growth.

How the Hair Thinning Occur

The beginning of hair loss always show its symptoms in the form of thinning of hair. To understand how the hair thinning occur, it is crucial to understand the structure of human hair. Human hair are framed up from firm structural protein which is widely known as keratin, which is also helpful in the development of nails as well as layers of the skin. For every strand in the hair there are three layers, each having their predefined functionality. The most inner layer of hair, popularly known as medulla is present only in the thick as well as large hair. The mid-layer called cortex has a role of providing strength, colour as well as texture in the hair. The most outer layer called cuticle comparatively very thin and is used for protection of the cortex.

When the amount of nutrition of hair strands decline, it is generally a cause of heat or high exposure of hair in the atmosphere, or due to lack of protein sufficient diet which is necessary for hair. The former leads to reduction of cuticle and the latter leads to disruption of medulla, causing thinning of hair at a faster pace than regular life cycle of hair. The regular life cycle of hair is different for men and women and ranges from 15-22 months, after which re-growth happens. Thinning of hair also happens because of lack of nutrition in the hair through roots, which are enclosed in hair follicle. At the end of the follicle, lies dermal papilla which is fed by the blood in order to nourish our hair as well as for production of new hair on the scalp.

How to Control the Thinning of Hair

If  You are Contriving to Colour Your Hair: In order to make the hair look thicker, not-grey and better, people often try to colour their hair without taking into consideration the negative points of the colours which come along to disrupt shine and quality of the hair strands. If it is possible to avoid the usage of colours on hair, one must do it. Else, there is always an option of doing things in a better way, thus one can choose a colour which has minimum quantity of chemical and which do not contain ammonia.

Raise the Volume by Choosing a Curly Look: Wavy as well as curly hair look fuller and appear sustain more volume. The surface of the hair is altered by the curly hair. But then again, if you have good straight hair, you shouldn't spoil their natural beauty in order to gain volume, rather you should use home remedies like application of egg on hair, so that the volume of the hair increase naturally.

If You Press Your Hair , Switch to Blow Dry: Continuously pressing the hair in order to make them look straight and well- managed, leads to damage of the hair because of heat gradually. Thus, one must switch their habit of pressing with a blow-dryer which further should be used on the hair from a significant distance, when wet. Another major advantage of using a blow dryer is that because it is far away from the scalp, the scalp remains protected from the heat thus generated from the scalp.

Have a Re-Look at the Shampoo You Use: No shampoo which claims to be rich in proteins or silicon helps in controlling the thinning of hair. Thus you must choose something which suits you and your pocket and has minimum chemicals. It should also be taken care that while washing the hair, sufficient amount of shampoo must be left on the hair as well as the scalp for a period of about 3-4 minutes. Also, one can try using egg on hair before shampooing because eggs help in giving the cuticle large amount of protein.

Try the Home-Made Conditioner: Mix one tablespoon of white vinegar and a pint of water to make a mixture which should be massaged onto the hair after shampooing. This tip is going to give a fuller effect on hair because vinegar alters the chemical balance of hair from basic to acidic and thus gives a full appearance to the previously thinning hair.

Usage of Commercial Conditioners Should be Minimized: Generally, conditioners are used for giving a full effect as well as shine to the hair. But, because of the greasing conditioners provide to the hair, people use their quantities more than actually required and thus give the hair a limp appearance. A teaspoon of conditioner is an optimum quantity to be used. An important thing which should always be noted while using a conditioner is that the application of conditioner on the hair strands is advantageous whereas application on the scalp proves to be very harmful and might lead to more hair fall.

Apply Mousse to Coat You Hair While Going Out: Before leaving the home, do not forget to style your hair with mousse which also helps to make the hair appear more fuller. This is because the mousse comprises of resins, they coat the hair and add diameter to it. It lifts the hair off the scalp and gives it a fuller appearance.

While planning out to control thinning of hair, home remedies must be given the first priority and if they don't work out, other options like chemical treatment must be taken into consideration.

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