There is need to strengthen hair when your hairs are probably get damaged. Our hairs get damaged just because of access use of chemically shampoos, hot machines for straightening hairs, sun burn also, not oiling properly. There are many indigents in our kitchen right which helps to make the hair strengthened stronger, thicker, larger and shinier through which your hairs get managed within a minutes.

Let's discuss one by one how to strengthen and plump up the hair by using home remedies.

1.  Remedy for making shiny hair from dull hairs

Banana is most important fruit for our health. If you having a banana in daily diet that the very good thing but if you can also use it as home remedy for making your hair shinny that's the double benefit. What you have to do is just take a half banana and a cup of yogurt in the blander and have to puree it till smooth. After the procedure is completed apply the mixture in wet hairs and leave it for 5 minutes, see the result then your hair get shine like some paradise.

2.  Remedy for adding a body to flat hairs

Adding a Baking Soda in your favourite shampoo makes your lifeless and makes your head full of bouncy hairs. Your flat hairs are cause just because using chemical product, build up of oily on your scalp and roots of hairs. Baking Soda just cuts that scalping and making your hair bouncy when dry.

3. Remedy of dry and frizzy hairs

Due to the moisture your dry and frizzy hairs are crying out. Just make it relief by giving them home remedy. It's very simple technique take avocado (a fruit) and one-fourth of olive oil then mash up till it's become creamy. Apply and massage it on the scalp in between the air for 5 minutes and cover it with towel for 15 minutes. Wash it with the cool water use this remedy twice a week for good strengthening.

4. Home Remedy for itchy dandruff in Hairs

Brushing the dandruff from your shoulder and scratching a scalp is it helpful to remove your dandruff? Use the simple home remedy for this Take an apple cider vinegar, and one cup of water and two sprigs of mint into pot and heat them till it's get warm then massage this mixture on your scalp. Its helps to remove the dead cells and make your hairs smells good.

Therefore, it's very simple to follow the steps for healthy hairs. Balance and proper diet always helps to reduce the diseases of hairs. There are some things which needs for healthy hairs-

Water: For shiny, healthy, silky hairs it is a key ingredient we should drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water in a day.

Proteins: Take Proteins like cheese, eggs, nuts, milk, meat, cereals which are good source of proteins. It ensure long and thick hairs and helps to reduce the hair breaking and splitting.

Vitamins: Green vegetables, fruits, egg, milk, bread, cereals are good source of vitamins. Vitamins give advantage to your scalp and skin both. Vitamin A, B,C are helps to strengthen the hairs and scalp and also reduce dandruff. Most important is vitamin E which ensures elongation and colour of the hairs.

Minerals: For long and thick hair it is very necessary part like Iron. It can not only build the proteins the hairs but also helps to prevent from loss of hairs link zinc. Dark green vegetables and meat which has red colour contains lots of iron. If we talk about the copper it optimizes colour of hair and also the pigmentation like fresh vegetables, shellfish, liver, seeds, nuts are good sources for minerals. It is necessary for thick hairs.

Our stylish hairs needs very good growth and silky and shinny hairs in our daily routine. Trimming hairs regularly is good part of growing hairs. Protect your hairs from UV light by using good serum. With good roots the hairs will be long and thick by having good diets the roots get stronger. Let's discuss some steps which should not use for long and thick hairs.

  • For drying hairs don't overuses the irons for stylizing your hairs it make your hairs dull and rough. Make it proper natural method.

  • Use thick comb for long hairs, don't use tight knot its makes your more weaken.

  • Avoid eating the fried and spicy foods eat rich vitamin and mineral food which helps strengthen your hair.

  • Massage your hairs with oil it helps to strengthen and nourishes your hairs

  • Clean your hairs with good shampoo and before shampoos oil your hairs first it makes your more silky and smooth.


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