Stressed? Blame the things that cause stress. The things or event that causes stress in the life of a human being are known as stressors. Teenagers experience a variety of different stressors. And a first step in calculating stress is identifying the stressors. Keep in mind that not all stressors are shocking, but identifying the good and bad stressors in your life will help you to learn stress management techniques and in some cases get required help before the stress leads to physical or emotional damage.

Stress in Teenagers

Teenagers?Who are they? Teenagers, most probably are individual that are still studying in school. They are people struggling hard to manage time for school work, having fun and family. It is the intermediary period for us to turn from child to adult. It is also a time where they convey themselves more vocally and visually depending upon the environment in which they live.

The seven years of teen, is especially a very delicate period of time which would determine the form they will be when they become adults. This time shapes them. We are like a mould of actor during the toughening process, where the actor would spent his time doing the final touch ups to his quantity of work. And most likely, once toughened, it would be difficult to change the designs.

When a human being enters a teenage stage his life changes greatly. These changes in life may be readily accepted by some human being while for some human being this new way of life can cause stress. Therefore, stress greatly depends upon the nature of a human being. Since a great part of life of a teenager moves around home and school, most of the causes of teen stress begin from home and school.

Causes of Stress Among the Teenagers

  • The general public is more stressed out: Due to the fact that the general public is more stressed out, teenagers become more stressed out as well. They feel the pressure to succeed in every task they are given. Teenagers have to decide what career path they have to choose. Test results become even more essential. And parents' belief on top of this can lead to a lot of stress among the teenagers.

  • Peer pressure: A teenager has a huge pressure to conform. You had to wear the exact clothes, do the exact sports, and be with the true people. The amazing delusion of modern society is that we all have to be accepted, liked, or cool but most of the population is not like that. It's media way of making us feel we should buy the modern product or do the latest 'thing'. Modern media and advertising have a lot to answer for by the way it makes he us feel. And as a teenager when we feel spaced out from the 'in' group, it hurts. It causes stress. We all want to be liked and be in high spirits. That is a basic human being wish. So as a cause of teen stress, peer pressure and the need to conform ranks up there highly.

  • Puberty: The main reason for teenage stress is puberty. During the puberty the body, intellect and emotions transform. Sometimes immediately. And in a lot of situations we have no idea as teenagers how to manage them. Hitting puberty and nearly blowing up emotionally. Screaming and crying, 'What the hell is wrong with me! I hate this!' And no one had warned me about this. Okay, the body will change, but the emotions and the mind, teenagers are not ready and not prepared for that. So puberty is a giant shock for teenagers and is a giant cause of teen stress.

These are some of the major causes of teen stress in society at the moment but being stressed in not something that is restricted to just adults.


Fascinating enough, a study called "Shifting the Lens recognized that the five stressors most regularly feltwere "school work (78%),parents(68%),relationships(64%), friends' problems (64%), and younger siblings (64%).

Causes Stress

Excessive stress can have a harmful effect on one's body, intellect, and emotions. How you manage your stress has a lot to do with your wellbeing. When stress becomes too annoying and lasts for large interval of time, it can become harmful. Recognizing the timely signs of stress and doing something about it can improve the worth of your life.

If you have symptoms of stress often ... BE AWARE!!!

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