What is infertility? What does the word infertility means? What causes infertility? Who is to be blamed for infertility? Here is an answer to the entire question.Infertility means the genetic inability of a person to give birth or conceive. It can also be described as an inability of women to complete the full term of pregnancy. Women who are fertile witness the general period of fertility during and before ovulation. These women are infertile during the rest of menstrual cycle. The change in the cervical mucus and body temperature help to distinguish between fertility and infertility periods.

Causes of Infertility

Infertility can be due to men and women both. Women alone cannot be blamed for the infertility. Some people have an opinion that because the woman keeps the baby inside her womb, women alone are responsible for infertility. Some causes of infertility because of women.

Ovulatory Problem

Ovulatory problem is the main problem that is concerned with fertility. If a person is suffering from any Ovulatory disorder the women are unable to conceive. In general, 30% of the women fail to conceive due to Ovulatory disorders.

There are ways that some Ovulatory problems can be solved. Around 70% of the people having Ovulatory disorder can be treated with medicine such as Clomiphene and Menogan/Repronex.

Reasons for the Ovulatory Problem

Hormonal Problem: The balance of hormones in the body and their interaction of hormones also affect the procedure of ovulation. If there is any discrepancy in the hormones, then it can cause problem in ovulation.


If any damage is done to the ovaries then it can stop the process of ovulation. The repeated surgeries may cause the capsule of the ovaries to get damaged. Follicles also do not mature due to multiple surgeries and it also causes the process of ovulation to stop.

An Early Menopause: In some of women the menstrual cycle starts at very young age, in such cases the menstrual cycle comes to a halt also very fast. The reason to this early menopause is subjected to be a heredity problem or it can also be assumed that it is caused due to the reason that the supply of the eggs have reduced.

Follicle Problem

It is known that a woman produces a follicle inside an egg every month, Even though the follicle fails to burst. The egg henceforth remains inside the ovary and the process of ovulation does not take place.


It is statistically found out that 10% of the population is infertile due to the problem of endometriosis. If a woman is suffering from problem of endometriosis, it will reduce her chances of getting pregnant by maximum of 36%. Endometriosis is a problem in which there is large development of the lining of uterus. Growth takes place everywhere in abdomen region and many more.

The condition of endometriosis can be verified through the process of laparoscopy. In the process of laparoscopy a tiny camera is sent into the uterus and other parts of the body where development has taken place. It is send to see the regions where there is growth, then image is seen on the television by the doctors and then a treatment is done.

Sometimes there are no sign and people do not get to know that they have a problem of endometrioses but sometimes the sign are clearly visible. The sign of having endometriosis are-

  1. Painful menstrual cycle

  2. Long menstrual cycle

  3. Urinating many times

  4. Rectal bleeding

  5. Spotting prior to menstrual cycle

Infertility Because of Men


The reason of male fertility is the sperm count and quality. Some men have problem that the testes do not produce enough sperms, and therefore pregnancy cannot take place. If the sperm count is fine then the quality matters, if the sperms are sluggish and lazy they do not reach the body of female or they are not healthy, therefore, contributing to no pregnancy.

Varicocele: It is a problem in which the vein in the scrotum becomes bigger. This causes the unnatural blood supply in the scrotum. This leads to the body temperature becoming high and then the formulation of sperms is affected.

If a treatment is done or some prior precautions are taken, then infertility can be stopped. All that the people need to understand is that they should be opening minds. It is a natural problem; a person has no choice of it. So, he cannot be blamed for infertility.

Become aware!!

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