All the women crave for a spot free and resplendent skin. But unfortunately not all women get this type of skin color and tone. Women often have skin imperfections like blemishes such as acne marks, pimples and dark patches.

At some point of time every woman is most likely to witness menstrual cramps. Menstrual cramps causes pain at the lower region of the stomach. The pain due to menstrual cramps varies depending on different women's. Some women suffer from pain that is unbearable while for some the pain is minute.

Baldness means having no hairs or less amount of hair on head. A person both men and women like to have a good amount of hair on their head. People often feel very bad if they have fewer hairs and often try to cover these areas with caps or scarf's. Therefore, here is a solution to cure your baldness.

Cannot stop coughing,What is coughing,How is it caused And the home remedies to cure cough. All these questions are important and they need immediate answer. The following description answers all the questions.Coughing is a sudden and repetitive occurring reflex that helps to clear the throat and the breathing passage. There are three phases of cough reflex:

Tea has been grown in India since ages. Nowadays tea is the most popular beverage in world. Hundreds of people of every age group drink tea. Tea has three main varieties green, black and oolong. The difference is only lie in how they are processed. Green tea (Camellia sinesis) contain high amount of antioxidants. Antioxidants are the substances that fight the free radical that causes aging, damage DNA and sometime may even be the cause of death.

Therefore, green tea has been considered as very essential for the health of a human being.

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