Tired of the normal pimples that keep bursting of now and then??? If you suffer from excess of acne problem refer to the home remedies that are suggested. These remedies do not cause any allergies.

How Is Acne Formed

Acne begins with the blackhead that appears on the skin. Blackheads are formed by the accumulation of the oil and dead cell in the pores of the skin. Therefore, the skin turns black. After this the blackheads turn to red and cause pimples which all of us fear the most.

There is no age group defined for acne to occur. It can occur in young age as well as when people are in their 50's.

Signs of Acne

  1. Pain: when people are about to have acne they suffer from lot of unbearable pain. This pain is because of the pressure that is linked with the blocked pore.

  2. Pus: when ever people are about to have acne, there is lot of pus that accumulate in the blocked pore.

  3. Scars: When the acne occurs on the face there is a chance of scars that may be left behind on the face. Touching the pimple again and again and try to squeeze the pimple result in lot of scars and marks that remain for long duration of time.

  4. Extreme Redness: when acne is about to occur then the entire area around that region become very red and soared.

Causes of Acne

  1. Pregnancy: when a woman is pregnant then the hormones of women go under various changes. The changes in women run wild. And this is one of the reasons that causes acne problem.

  2. Medicines: when we are undergoing any medical procedure, we are given lot of medicine to eat. Certain medicines are very strong and people are unable to retain it in their body. This causes the body temperature to rise and therefore acne occurs.

  3. Cosmetics: when we apply cosmetics product they often block the pores of the skin. This results in outburst of acne. While selecting the cosmetic range a person should be sure that the products will suit their skin tone and not cause acne.

  4. Heredity: heredity also plays an important role for acne problem. If your parents have acne, certain genes are transferred to your body which may also result in acne problem. In this case people should make an extra effort to take care of their skin.

Home Remedies for Curing Acne

Diet: A balanced diet is a first and foremost requirement to have a healthy, well nourished and soft skin. Therefore, this is the best as well as the easiest home remedy for curing acne.

Consumption of food that is rich in vitamin A and zinc is helpful for curing pimples. Moreover, consuming wheat grass juice is also advised. Food material that is rich in sugar content and caffeine should also be avoided. Junk foods and oily food also cause acne. They also hinder the process of curing acne.

Fruits and Vegetable That Help Reduce Acne Problem

  1. Oranges: oranges are a fruit that is loved by all. Not only eating orange reduces pimples and helps in glowing skin but the peel of orange is useful as well. If you grind the peel of orange and mix it with few drops of water and then apply on the skin, your skin will never have acne problem. Do it regularly for soft and glowing skin.

  2. Cucumber: the application of cucumber on the affected part of the skin helps reduce blackheads and acne. Cucumber should be massaged properly on the skin for 15-20 minutes regularly.

  3. Papaya: the juice of papaya is also helpful to reduce acne. The juice of papaya can be applied on the skin for 20 minutes and then the face can be washed to have clear skin.

  4. Apple: Grated apple and honey also is best effective mixture for curing acne.

  5. Tomato: Pulp of tomato on the face is also very effective. Regularly if the pulp is applied it will help to cure blackhead and acne.

Oils That Help in Curing Acne

  1. A mixture of groundnut oil and freshly prepared lime juice also help to treat acne.

  2. Marigold and wheat germ oil also serve as an effective purpose to get rid of acne problem.

  3. Tea tree oil and aloe Vera also have anti inflammatory property that helps in dealing with acne.

It is better to take precaution at early stage rather to regret later!!!


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