In today's era everybody is conscious about how they look and what they wear. It is a necessity in today's world to keep oneself in shape. If you are in a good shape it not only helps to flaunt your body but it also helps in gaining confidence. Some people go under depression witnessing their gain in weight.

What is Obesity

Obesity is a situation where there is increase in the fat tissue mass. Eating a food with high calorie content on regular basis leads to extra calories in body as fats. The end result of this situation is obesity.

Cause of Gaining Weight

People Unhealthy Eating Habits: The main cause of gaining weight is the advent of lot of junk food and oily food. People eat unhealthy food at odd hours of the day.

Low Metabolism Rate: People who have low rate of metabolism have very much weight. The food that they intake is not easily digested by the body which result in gain in weight.

Physical Inactivity: People have the habit of eating wherever they are sitting. They never stand up or try to have walked when they have eaten. A slight walk after every meal is recommended to reduce weight gain.

Pregnancy: Pregnancy is also one of the reasons why women gain lot of weight. The women during the time of pregnancy have to eat healthy and oily food in order to support the baby in the womb. This leads to gain in weight among women during pregnancy.

Symptoms of Gaining Weight

When one is gaining weight he may suffer from various health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, breathing problem, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

A person may sometime go in lot of stress and depression while gaining weight. The insecurity from others due to overweight can have severe effect on the mind of an individual.

Home Remedies to Reduce Weight


Start with small exercise such as walking and jogging for 10 minutes in one day. Make body accustomed to the regular exercise and then increase the level of exercise and time of exercise also. A regular walk for 10 minutes after every meal can help to get a well toned and fat free body.


Yoga is the best way to reduce excess of fat that is accumulated in the body. It is suggested to perform yoga exercise for 30 minutes every day in morning. It not only helps to reduce weight but also help to relax body muscle and calm our mind. One of the asana of the yoga named pranayama is best asana to reduce weight.


The best way to reduce weight is by drinking water. A person should drink 8 glasses of water daily. He should avoid consumption of soft drinks or carbonated drinks. Water helps in reducing weight without any side effects. Water helps to get rid of the accumulated toxins. After every meal warm water should be taken because it helps to clean the oil that blocks in the body.


Cabbage is a vegetable that has low calorie content and it is also very fibrous. Therefore, it is advised to have cabbage as a part of diet while reducing weight. Cabbage can be taken in form of soup and salad in the body.

White Food:

Avoid taking large content of white food that includes white rice, white bread, and white sugar. Replace all of these things by brown bread, brown rice and brown sugar. White food contain large amount of carbohydrate. Carbohydrates are reason of weight gain.

Eating Habits:

A person should prefer to eat at home. When a person go out for lunch, breakfast or dinner he is sure to have food rich in calories and fats. Try to eat your meal slowly and with proper chewing. Eat food only when your stomach is hungry. Do not eat food under force or depression. Often when you are under depression you eat more amount of food than required.

Watching Television and Sitting in Front of Computers

Avoid sitting for long hours in front of television and computers. Take a break from your work, stand up and have a small walk around the house. Avoid sitting in front of television and eating. When you are eating while you are watching television you tend to eat more food than required.

Be smart and confident. Be healthy!!!

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