It is a general thinking that the main cause of infertility is women. it is also believed that the conceiving is done by the women so whatever the problem is, it is with the women. To be precise, the sole cause of infertility in among 40% of the infertile couple is men. This is because of the less sperm count of men.

So it is necessary that both men and women should undergo the fertility test. The problem does not lie in women alone. It is also the men who are responsible.

It is no doubt that it is embarrassing going for fertility test. But precaution at an early stage leads to prevention. If you treat your fertility problem at a faster rate, fast will be the process of conceiving and having babies.

Causes of Infertility Among Men

Anti Sperm Antibodies: One of the reasons for the infertility in males is production of antibodies. It is researched that some of men produce antibodies in opposition to their own sperms. These antibodies then attack the sperms on the way to the egg, not allowing the process of fertilization to take place.

Another reason for the infertility in males can be that the male people have capability of producing large number of sperms but the sperm do not know where to go. In such a situation men have normal sperms in their testicles but the sperms in the semen are missing or are less or are abnormal.

The reason for the less number of sperms in semen even though lots of them are being produced is:

  1. Retrograde Ejaculation: In such a situation the sperms moves in an opposite direction. They move into the bladder. This is caused due to any prior surgery or treatment.

  2. Absence of Main Sperm Pipeline: This is a genital problem. It is from birth and it is not in hands of human. Some men are born without any pipeline for the sperm. The main pipeline is known as vas deferens.

  3. Obstruction: if there is any barrier between the testicles and the penis, the sperms will not be able to reach the penis therefore cause infertility.

  4. Varicoceles: among the 38% of infertile men, varicocele is the problem. It is the problem in which there are extra veins above the testicles. These veins can be fixed by some sort of surgery.

About 85% of the infertile couple can conceive after having a fertility checkup and treatment.

Fertility Test for Men

Semen sample is required by the male to check his fertility.

Other procedure that can be followed to check fertility among male can be

  1. Physical exam by an urologist

  2. Evaluation of the sperm that are not moving and genetic testing of sperms

  3. Blood test to check the hormone level usually testosterone

  4. Test for STD

  5. Ultrasound to test the scrotum

  6. Urine test to check retrograde ejaculation

  7. X-ray to see the obstruction in male organs. This test is known as vasography.

Fertility Test in Female

Not every test will be done for every woman. These test are done on some basis and opinion of doctor by studying the reports as to what caused infertility.

  1. Laparoscopy is the most important test to check the fertility in female. It is done if the doctor has a belief that the fallopian tubes of the female are blocked. When fallopian tubes are blocked it is known as endometriosis. It is done when the reason of infertility is not recognized by the doctor.

  2. A basic gynecologist exam

  3. Test for STD.

  4. Blood test which checks the variety of hormone including progesterone and many others. It may also check for thrombophilia in case of repeated miscarriage. Some blood work is done on specified days of your menstrual cycle.

  5. Ultrasound to confirm that the process of ovulation is taking place or not. It also checks the shape and the thickness of the uterus. The numbers of eggs that are available in the ovaries of women are also estimated by the ultrasound reports.

  6. Hysteroscopy may also be done. It involves placing camera through the cervix to the uterus to see if there is any abnormality.

  7. Endometrial biopsy can also be done to check rate of fertility. In this biopsy small lining of uterus is taken and observed.

Better safe than never!!!

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