Breast Cancer is mostly found in Women, if you feel some changes on your breast weather it is normal or worrisome it should be good to know about the changes because here we are going to talk about some serious changes about your breast which may be dangerous. If you feel the lump on your breast then it may turn out to be cancerous. You should be concern to doctor for proper diagnosis of the breast cancer.

There are different types of lump that you feel on your breast one is breast lump and another may be cancerous. Breast lump is not a cancer but lump which is different from the normal lump may gives you pain, irritation, dirty yellow peal coming out from lump which is known as cancerous lump. Now there are many solutions for curing breast cancer it may be medical treatment or may be using home treatment and remedies.

Celebrities who survived from breast cancer

Let's talk about the Angelina Jolie first. Angelina Jolie runs the breast cancer from her family member mother she had an ovarian cancer and died due to her cancerous disease. Angelina Jolie feels that she would not be taking any chance with her health. She decided to take the preventive measure of the double mastectomy which is very safeguarding method to cure the breast cancer of having BRAC1 Gene. She has 87% percent risk of contracting a breast cancer as doctors told her then she decided to take this treatment. She also inspired many women for being a proactive for their own health.

One of the famous Australian singers Kylie Minogue has also a breast cancer at the age of 36. She also gets cured by taking a surgical treatment. She fought with that cancer 5 years it is very hard to come out after cancer but she is very strong enough to fight with that. She treats her cancer by endured surgery and chemotherapy and it was completely diagnosed.Her positive attitude makes her cured from that dangerous disease. In her interview she motivates many women to survive from breast cancer that it is not such a big disease can be cured. There are many celebrity women who get cured from the breast cancer now.

Exercise and Eating well during treatment

Good diet always helps to keep up your stamina and to cope up with side effects of treatments. If you are taking the treatment like chemotherapy and radiation therapy during the cancer then good nutritious diet is very necessary.Let's discuss some points for nutritious food during the cancer treatment.

  • Take a food which is rich in proteins and helps to repairs the tissues of your body like egg, yoghurt, butter, peanuts, fish, black eyes peas specially corns, bread and rice.

  • Take care of the food which you are eating it should fresh one and which your body will be appealing one time.

  • Take a meal of dinner which is low in fats and take as more as healthy food. Make that food which you can freeze and reheat when you need it.

  • Taking large amount of meal at one time is not a good deal with your diet. Balancing your diet is very good idea.

  • Have some fruits and vegetables handy, so that when you are feeling hungry you can take it as snacks.

  • Regular exercise will physically helps to improve your health, reduce tension, anxiety, feeling of nausea, symptoms and sins of fatigue.

  • Exercise should not be very heavy it should be very moderate one like swimming, cycling, moving your body from one to another, walking and biking.

  • Make it stress free, reducing the tension of muscle helps to manage stress.

  • Simple way to get relief from stress is first close your eyes, pay attention on each inhalation and exhalation and just point attention by scanning mentally your body.

  • Yoga and other stretching exercises are very helpful.

We can take the help from the home remedies for good health during the cancer but they are not the proper treatment for the breast cancer. A proper treatment is required for breast cancer with consultation of doctor. Still a proper lifestyle, good recommended diet always suggested to the patients for the longevity of the breast cancer patients. Some Dietary regimens should be suggested to the patients who take the radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Taking about the benefits of the home treatment now it time to talk about some important home remedies of the Breast Cancer.

Home Remedies of Breast Cancer

Some of the important remedies for the breast cancer patients:-

Grapes: Grapes reduces the body estrogens production it is well known compound proanthocyanidins . In the study of the grapes it helps to affect the tumour of breast cancer.

Wheat grass: It helps to enhance the immune system which gets the rid off from waste products and toxin in our body. It is taken in the form of juices which regresses the cells of the cancer.

Green Tea: Boiling herbal green tea in water till it gets half. Daily one cup of green tea is very helpful for the cancer patients. It is act as anti-inflammatory against the cancer.

Soybeans: Soybean consists of large amount of isoflavones and phytoestrogens which are taken for the prevention of the breast cancer at the earlier stages. It is main diet for the patients of the breast cancer.

Vitamin D: Taking the food which is rich in Vitamin D is also contains the lower risk of the breast cancer like egg, yoghurt, cheese.

Calcium: Food which is rich in calcium is also reducing the risk of the breast cancer it reduces the pre menopausal period for women.

Garlic: Garlic is act as the antibiotic agent for any type of cancer. It helps to produce the immune cells against the cancerous cells. It's better to take the raw garlic.

Harmful Diets: It is advised not to eat hot dogs, burgers and high structured fats during the breast cancer. It increase the more chances.

Before taking any type of home remedies first consult with the recommendation of doctor and then start it.

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