We all wish for a healthy existence and believe that healthy mind resides in a healthy body A good digestive system, a regulated metabolism and a fit body. Whatever we eat, we want its nutrient value to be absorbed by the body and the waste products get drained out naturally.

But, because human body is a machine and this fact makes it susceptible to malfunctioning too. For every function performed or processed inside the human body, there is a reverse action too which happens in the situations which are not normal and uninvited. Acidity is one such problem. The name instantly relates to an upset body and a disturbed mind.

What is Acidity

Generally, what is the term 'acidity' referred to? Just the way we use expressions hot and cold to describe the extremities in the temperature, we use the word acidic or basic to delineate the chemical structures. When acidic and basic substances are combined together, then they result in a neutralized effect producing a salt and water. To measure how acidic or basic the given substance is, we calculate its ph scale, which is the standardized metric used to determine acidity. A value less than 7 means acidic, equal to 7 implies water and greater than 7 is basic.

In context to our body, acidity is a commonly prevailing health disorder which can be hazardous if measures to treat it are not taken at the right time. Most of the people have to bear this problem due to unhealthy food in their diet, indigestion or stress. In this, the gastric juices which carry acid (HCl or hydrochloric acid as we know it) that gets transported from the stomach to the esophagus present in the upward direction and make it function in an abnormal way. Broadly, the digestion process commences in the following stages:

Stages of Digestion Process

Ingestion: Taking in or consuming the food though mouth. It also includes chewing the food. It is then swallowed and pushed into the esophagus

Digestion: Decomposition or breaking down of the food particles. There is a different process for all the macro and micro nutrients. Example, fats and lipids follow a different process of digestion as compared to vitamins. Vitamins too, can be fat soluble (Vit A,D, E and K) or water soluble(Vit. B and C).

Adsorption: In this the body takes the nutrition from the food to fulfill its needs. Every nutrient solves a different purpose for the body.

Elimination or Excretion: Draining out the waste products out of the body to cleanse it. Expelled  through the urinary tract or by the movement of the bowels.

During the process of digestion, the stomach secrets acid which play a vital role in digestion by breaking down the food. There can be a situation when the acids are produced in excessive levels, more than what is required. This occurs not only because of the food that we have consumed, it can also happen if we starve our body because acids are produced naturally by the gastric glands present in stomach. There is a sensation of heartburn, pain and irritation in the esophagus. The condition is known as APD or Acid-Peptide-Disorder/Disease. In layman terms, known as acidity.

It is known as Amlapitta in Ayurveda sciences, which literally means abnormal secretion of highly concentrated Pitta Dosh by the gastric glands.

What Causes Acid Reflux

  • Digestive system not in the good state and not functioning as it should.

  • Excessive consumption of alcohol, especially before eating.

  • Starving for a long time. Skipping or delaying the breakfast also causes ADT.

  • In taking foods which are rich in fats and raise the level of cholestrol in body. Especially, unsaturated fats like deep fried food, red meat, cookies, milk chocolates etc.

  • Obese people tend to suffer ADT more frequently as compared to an individual who is healthy and fit. This happens because there metabolism is not well regulated

  • During pregnancy, anti peristaltic movements is one of the cause.

  • Taking aspirin and other anti inflammatory drugs too often.

  • Excessive exposure to sun and heat

  • With growing age, as the digestion gets poorer

  • Excessive intake of caffeine based beverages like tea and coffee

  • Smoking also causes acidity as it affects your appetite and empty stomach is a room for acidity

  • Reflux in the gastric glands in stomach

  • Negative emotions and stress promotes acidity

  • Some ailments may lead to acidity such as gastric ulcers, helicobacter pylori, stones in the gall bladder etc.

The list above are the factors that are directly or indirectly responsible for triggering acidity. Given below are thesymptoms which are related to this condition. It not only affects our body but also our behavior and mood.

Pain, uneasiness and burning sensation triggers after the meal. This can last from half an hour to four hours.

  1. Stomach getting empty in short intervals of time

  2. Constant pain in the upper part of abdomen

  3. Sour belching, feeling nauseatic, quench to throw up and losing appetite.

  4. Heartburn and chest pain in severe conditions

  5. Inflammation in the chest

  6. Stabbing sensation and acute pain the abdomen, stomach and sometimes in the lowe back as well

  7. Frequent burps

  8. Pain during the contraction of muscles

  9. Acidic saliva

  10. Ulcers in the mouth

  11. Constant fatigue and losing stamina and energy

  12. Inflammation of eye lids and cornea

  13. Cracks appear along the edges of the lips

  14. Thin nails which chip, split and break easily

  15. Loose teeth

  16. Cramps in muscles and spasms

Many people tend to ignore these symptoms. This may be fatal in the long run, if not attended on time or not given due medication on time. One should go and consult a doctor if these symptoms prevail for a long time or go beyond tolerance level. However, they can be suppressed and minimized, provided precautions are taken well on time. There are some tips which can be good to follow. Like, using less salt, spices and other synthetic flavors in food, drinking adequate water, feeding yourself after regular intervals, having a sound sleep for at least 6 hours. Eating 2-3 fresh leaves of tulsi or neem everyday to keep the digestion system in place. Avoiding caffeine beverages, and opting for milk or coconut water instead.


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