An age old saying, "Health is wealth." No matter what era we are living in, how technologically advanced we are, how much progressive science goes, it remains an unbeatable fact. There is nothing more important as a good health and healthy living. It is a bliss, indeed. Healthy mind resides only in a healthy body. The prime requisite for doing well and prospering in every aspect. If you are physically fit, that not only adds to your happiness quotient but also keeps you mentally active and alert. The brain remains energized and works at its best if it dwells in a body which is free from ailments.

The body is a machine. It is equipped with various parts, that have been designated to perform specific roles. Like every thing else in nature, body also has a shelf life. It has to be taken care of and maintained. The maintenance part becomes inevitably essential in order to retain its capabilities and enhance them further. To do that, the right amount of fuel is needed which will act as a food or source of energy for the body. Diet, the food that we intake acts as the food for the body from where it derives strength. Along with the perfect balanced diet, exercising and physical activity is equally important, otherwise the body deteriorates and drops down to the stagnation level. Working out ensures that the flexibility of the body remains at its best. This gives a boost to your overall fitness score. The advantages of having a balanced diet are universally known.

The dietary requirements are different for men and women. It also depends on a lot of factors. Apart from gender, the age group, occupation, work timings, level of physical activity and so on. Also, when you are working out, the diet plans differ if you are working out to build body and gain muscle mass or you are exercising to weight loss.

Defining the Suitable Diet Plan

BMI is a standard which is partly useful for measuring the fat heuristic of human body, which is based on the person's height and weight ratio. The dimensionless BMI value, that the defined formula yields, can be interpreted and used to determine the category under which the individual falls, and then the physician or dietician can accordingly prescribe the diet plan to them.

An average calorie intake for an adult male is approximately 2500. it is needed to maintain his normal body weight. However, the quantity can fluctuates between 2200 to 3000 Kcal every day, with the daily level of activity and variations in the routine. But taking care that the average is maintained is highly recommended.

The additional tips, the golden rules, apart from the prescribed diet plan, that the doctors have been advising every body who is aiming to be fit and healthy. Over the years irrespective of all the factors are valid and applicable in every case. Some of them are:

  • Ensure that you do not have long hours of starvation and skipping meals is something which is not recommended at all

  • Intake of at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday. It should be in a specific proportion to your body weight. Water cleanses the system and act as a natural anti oxidant that flushes out the toxins from the body

  • Instead of 3 standard meals, go for 5-6 small meals, allowing short duration breaks in between

  • Avoid junk and oily food

  • Use salt and sugar to the minimum possible extent in your food items

  • Have your dinner at least 2 hours before you retire to the bed

  • Minimize the consumption of beverages which have high caffeine content in them, like tea and coffee

  • Include salads, fiber and other sources rich in roughage in your meals

In some cases, only diet does not work in your favor. In that case, the health supplements and diet pills come to your rescue. The earlier theories established that they are synthetically made artificial substances that can show results with in no time, but are bad for your body in the long run. But, the scenario has changed altogether now. The reputed brands in the fitness industries having been introducing and endorsing these products and guarantee that they are absolutely harmless, will target your problem areas and will not result into any side effects. These supplements can substitute your daily meals by making them wholesome and healthy, the only difference is in the number of calories. The protein supplements conserves additional energy when you need it during weight lifting and muscle building. Some of the them, also prevent dehydration in your body. They products manufactured by the eminent brands are clinically tested and are absolutely safe.

Importance of Nutrients in Your Diet

For those who are building muscle, or maintaining their weight, protein is a must. Milk and egg white are the richest sources of superior quality protein. Carbohydrates are also important, they release energy for the vital functions of the body. Oat meal, is known to be a carbohydrate source that burns slowly. They have soluble fibers that not only protect your heart, but also provide long lasting energy. It is not mandatory for the people who are looking forward to losing their weight.

Berries are known for their excellent anti oxidant properties, that help reverse the damage incurred by external factors like pollution, stress and other unwanted indignities that affect your body tissues.

Fiber or roughage containing sources like whole grains, leafy vegetables, wheat bran, pulses, cereals, fibrous fruit, salads etc are not rich in calories but can add bulk to your diet and prevent your tendency to over eat. It keeps you stuffed for a longer time. They act as a scrubbing agent and keep the digestive system active and help it work smoothly. Roughage in the body also helps in the movement of bowels to facilitate the excretion process. So that you do not suffer from constipation and hence, cleanse the body.

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