Do you desire to gain weight?? Being underweight is also a problem as being overweight is. Being underweight is very common nowadays. It is considered as a very good thing to be underweight in today's generation. It is considered to be as a style statement to be extremely thin and lean. Being underweight is also considered as a problem. A person should be of a balanced weight, he should be neither to fat nor to thin.

Gaining weight is neither costly nor is it challenging. A regular exercise, change in diet plan can lead to gain in weight within few days. Consultation with doctor is also required if you want to have weight gain. Doctor will advise the best exercise that you should follow to gain weight.

Why Normal Weight is Necessary

Normal weight is important because it will provide a

  • Proper immune system

  • It will reduce the threat of joint and bone diseases

  • And it will cause no problem of anemia

Reasons of Being Underweight

  • Less Intake of Calorie in Diet: Calorie intake should be neither too much nor to less. A person should have adequate amount of calories in his diet. Less intake of calorie than desired may cause problem such as cancer, typhoid, fever and many more.

  • Bad Habit of Eating: Eating at irregular interval of time and eating less amount of meal can cause problem of underweight. If a person has high rate of metabolism it also leads to person being underweight.

  • Metabolic Disturbance: Any heredity disease or overactive thyroid can lead to metabolic disturbance which further leads to underweight problem.

Home Remedies for Weight Gain

Fruits that Help in Weight Gain

  • Eating 3 bananas daily will help to gain weight. Banana milk shake can also be taken to gain weight. Every fruit that should be taken should be eaten with milk. Fruit help to increase the sugar in the body and milk help to increase the level of proteins in the body. Therefore, focusing on overall increase in body weight.

  • Eating muskmelon three times in one day helps to gain lot of weight.

  • Eating mango daily also result in gaining of weight. Mango milkshake can also be taken in order to have mango as a part of diet.

  • Dates, figs, raisins and almond should be taken in large quantity. They can be taken with warm milk 2 times in one day.

Exercise for Weight Gain

Exercise is not only done to decrease body weight but it is also done to gain weight. Consult a good trainer at a gym and tell him that you want to gain weight. There are certain exercise that helps to gain muscle mass and thereby, provide strength to the body. Exercise should be done regularly under the proper guidance of a trainer. Strength training exercise can be performed to gain weight. This type of exercise should be done three times in one week. Strength training exercises include crunches, pushup and squats. Different exercises should be opted to have a regular increase in muscle mass around the body.

A person should eat lot of snacks during bed time. He should avoid doing large amount of physical work and spend more of time in sleeping and resting.

Herbs That Help in Weight Gain

  • Herbs such as alfalfa, fennel and celery are increasing appetite of a person. More hungry a person is more food will be desired by him and hence his rate of consumption will automatically increase.

  • Astragalus is a natural herb. It has many properties such as improving digestion and also fighting fatigue.

  • Fenugreek and ginseng is also natural herb. They also help in increasing the appetite of a person.

  • Soya based cream soups should be taken in large quantity. These soups have high content to proteins and calorie that ultimately leads to weight gain.

  • Soups should be taken in large amount. Soups should be provided as starter before beginning any meal. This is because soups help to clean up the stomach and increase the food intake of an individual.

Eating after small interval of time is also advised.

To have a normal weight is very important. Being underweight make people look shabby, instead of looking pretty. An underweight person does not have strength to fight also when it is required.

Excess as well as shortage of anything is bad!!!!

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