Thinking about the fastest tips to gain weight?? People may think that a person can gain weight at a lower rate as compared to losing of weight. A proper care should be taken weight should be gained but it does not means that you look healthy or bulky. As much as a person require losing weight, the need to gain weight for some person is equally important. It needs the same amount of patience and discipline as it needs to lose weight.

Tips to Gain Weight

Have a Balanced and Nutritious Diet: For gaining weight a person has to intake a lot of calories. Therefore, such a diet plan should be made that contain all the food items that have calories in it which as a result help in gaining weight. The food should be rich in calories, nutritious and healthy. It should not be fatty or oily food that lead to overweight.

In morning prefer having a warm milk, tea, coffee or juice with poha, upma or bread. Non vegetarian people can take boiled egg as per the morning schedule. It is necessary to have a healthy food and heavy food during morning because it helps to do all the day work with activeness and enthusiasm. Breakfast should have combination of proteins and carbohydrates. A person should never miss his breakfast.

The lunch meal should have curd, salad, chapatti, vegetable, rice and cereals. It act as a refreshing agent during the day. Lunch should not be missed, but it can be reduced whenever necessary. It helps to solve problem of indigestion and gastric problem.

In the evening a person should have snacks. It can be in form of milk shakes, coffee, vegetables, tea etc. it helps to restore the energy. It is time when a person feels hungry.

A dinner should also consist of cereals, vegetable and chapatti. After finishing the dinner a person should have warm lemon water. Sugar and salt should not be added in that water. It should have no food material that is difficult to digest.

Exercise Daily: A person should exercise regularly to gain weight. A person should consult a trainer and ask him to give him weight gain exercise. A person should focus on having strong muscles.

  • Do exercise for short time but do it regularly

  • Do not repeat the exercise again and again

  • Focus on lifting heavy weights

  • Do pushups, squats to gain weight

Make a perfect schedule for everyday and follow that schedule to gain weight. Work out three days in a week. It is important to make exercise as a part of your daily schedule because eating calorie food alone cannot do anything.

Protein Drinks to Gain Weight

  1. Creatine: it provides large amount of energy. It focuses on increasing the stamina of the body. It should be combined with drinks rich in protein and carbohydrate.

  2. Soy: It has rich amount of estrogen. It helps in growth of breasts. Soy protein is not allergenic.

  3. Egg Protein: It is a extremely rich source of protein.

  4. Whey: It is formed by the processing milk to cheese. It is the best source to increase stamina by providing ability to lift heavy weights.

  5. Peas and Other Vegetable: they are easily digestible and they prevent from any for of allergy. It is the best source of protein.

Calorie Rich Diet

  1. Healthy Fats: They are best for the heart problem and cholesterol problem. The fats help to gain weight and prevent cardiac diseases. To increase fat content in food use sunflower oil in preparing food rather than vegetable oil. Include almonds, hazelnut, and raisins in diet and exclude meat and replace it with fish.

  2. High Calorie Carbohydrate: Do not have junk food. During the snack time have dates in your diet. They are high calorie carbohydrates. Sweet potato is also a source of high calorie carbohydrate. Replace white rice with brown rice and also consume lot of fruits in comparison to vegetable, because fruit have lots of calorie.

  3. High Calorie Protein: Having large amount of protein means having large number of calories. Whey and soy are protein rich food materials. Weight gain mixture should have good quantity of protein and carbohydrate and low content of sugar. Milk, chicken has high protein.

 A well co-ordinate healthy as well as calorie rich diet will surely help in weight gain!

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