Do you want to gain weight? Are you a skinny person who wants to have a six pack abs and muscles?? Well the following article provides the perfect description of the steps that can lead to a healthy weight gain.

If you find problem in gaining weight even though you have lot of food which has high calorie content or find problem even if you exercise or go to gym daily. Then pay an attention to following points and try to implement it in your life. There are three types of persons:

  1. Hard Gainers: They are the person who finds it very difficult to increase their muscles.

  2. Ectomorphs: They are the people who have not inherited muscle friendly genes.

  3. Skinny People: These are people who want to increase muscle as soon as possible.

Steps to Gain Weight

  1. First step that is required to gain weight is by calculating the number of calorie you should take in your food. The calculation should be based on taking into account the number of calorie a person burns. For a normal person he should take 3500 calorie extra than he has already burned.

  2. Second point is that a person should have full proof knowledge about the calorie he burns in a day. He should know his body perfectly well and must tell the way the burning of calories can be limited.

  3. Third step is to eat three regular meals in one day that is breakfast, lunch and dinner. And have 2 snack meals at appropriate hours during the day. Eating all these meals at a fixed time everyday will help to increase the number of calories.

Food That Increase Weight

  1. Drinks: In order to gain weight, a person should have lot of protein rich diet. A person should have protein shake, juice or milk. Drinking soda should be avoided.

  2. Breads: White bread should not be preferred for eating. Try to eat whole grain bread, multi grain bread, honey oat bread, hearty and dense bread and oat bran bread. On these slices of bread add high calorie jam, butter or cheese.

  3. Vegetables: Eat vegetables that have lot of sugar and sucrose content in it. Try eating vegetables such as potatoes, corns, peas, carrots and beets. Avoid having food that is leafy and green. For example: broccoli, spinach, cauliflower etc.

  4. Fruits: Eat lot of fruits that are also rich in sugar level. Have fruits such as banana, pineapple and dried fruit. A person should avoid eating fruit which have high water content such as oranges and watermelon.

  5. Soups: Have soup it is given as starters. The reason behind giving soup as a starter is because it will help to increase the appetite. Have soup which has lot of cream in it such as hearty cream soup. Avoid having soup from outdoors; it contains lot of sodium content. The sodium content may be harmful for people who are suffering from edema and high blood pressure.

  6. Oils: Have food that is extremely rich in oil content. When cooking vegetables or making chapatti add to it lot of oil. The healthiest oils are olive, coconut and palm oil.

  7. Spreads: Apply various spreads on breads, sandwiches, pastas etc. try to have spreads that have high carbohydrate content that will help to increase weight. Mayonnaise is a spread that results in maximum weight gain.

Exercise to Gain Weight

Lift Heavy Weights: Focus on exercises that does not require any machine and also will pay importance to your muscles. For example lift dumbbells. Exercises such as squats, pull ups, bench press should be done. Free weight exercise should be done regularly. The free weight exercises should be done under the proper guidance of a trainer. It should also be done in adequate amount neither to large nor too less.

All these diet charts and exercise should also be recommended by a certified doctor. Do not follow your own strategies to gain weight.

An important point to weight gain is also that we should eat calorie rich food but we should not eat unhealthy food. A person has to gain weight to become normal, he does not want to gain weight to have an appearance of bulky or huge person. Therefore diet is important as well as exercise is important but under proper supervision they will yield the best result.

Be healthy not fat!!!

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