It may appear weird but it is a fact that gaining weight is more difficult than losing weight. Boys that are very thin and skinny put their utmost energy in order to gain weight. They gain weight by increasing the mass of the muscle and not by adding fat to their body.

Some people say that they eat lot of food in order to get fat but the quantity of food does not matter to increase muscle mass but the quality of food matters to increase the mass.

Are you searching for the food substances that will help you to gain weight?? The main food substances that will help you to gain weight are the food that is rich in calorie content. Taking some sort of medications, drugs and pill not help to gain weight. They in return may have adverse effect. Therefore eating diet that is rich in calorie is important for example cakes, chips make calorie level high in body. Protein rich diet also helps in gaining weight. A diet should contain 50% of calorie in it, in order to gain weight.

Food That Help Gain Weight


A large part of your diet should come from these protein sources.

  1. Proteins: Take large amount of protein in the diet. It will help to gain weight. It is important for gaining muscle mass and thereby helps in gaining overall weight. The food rich in proteins are:

  2. Why protein: it is the best protein supplement that can be used for building body muscles. After the workout and exercise the body need high amount of protein in order to start the repairing of the muscles. The protein builds more muscle by increasing the synthesis of proteins.

  3. Soya protein: Complete protein is a protein that has all the amino acids that are required by the body. Soy is therefore known as a complete protein. It helps to maintain a good health.

  4. Red meat: If a person is a complete non vegetarian then he can have his share of complete protein from the red meat. Red meat is used for the repair and renewal of the muscle cells. It helps to gain weight.


Around 40% of the weight gain can take place from the carbohydrates in our diet. The food rich in carbohydrate have lot of calories in it. Some of the food materials that are rich in carbohydrate content are:


  1. Pasta: Eat lot of white pasta in order to gain weight. The white pasta help in gaining weight because it take lot of time to get digested. On the top of pasta add lot of cheese and lyopene rich marinara sauce in order to increase the calories.

  2. Nuts and seeds: Nuts have lot of calories in them. A mixture of nuts and peanut butter add to extra calories. They can be taken in sandwiches or as a snack.

  3. Mango: mango is important for people who want to gain weight. One mango contains at least 75 calories. The mangos when they are raw have starch which is converted into sugar when the mango ripens. If mango is taken with milk daily it will help to gain lot of weight.


The amount of fat in the body should be limited to 10% in order to gain healthy weight and not appear bulky.

  1. Sunflower oil: Sunflower oil contains folic acid. Folic acid is used to make new cells. Thus it helps to gain weight and muscle mass.

  2. Almonds and banana: They are highly rich fats that help to gain weight. A shake of almond and banana with water if taken one time in one day regularly help to gain weight.

  3. Butter: Lot of butter in the diet can help a person to gain weight. Butter can be taken in form of butter on bread, butter on chapatti and many more.

In regard to the food that helps to gain weight, the food should be consumed five times in a day. There should be proper breakfast, lunch and dinner followed by small snack meal when you are hungry. All the meals should have food that is rich in calories. It may take some time to gain weight, but you have to be regular and patient. Also keep in mind that the idea is to gain healthy weight not excess of weight that will make you look fat and bulky.

Start today!! Witness the result tomorrow!!

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