Is Aishwarya Rai Bachchan still worlds most beautiful woman despite weight gain? Bollywood actress, Aishwarya Rai, was named as the world's most beautiful women before. However, she was criticized for not trailing weight quick enough after giving birth. She is held up as the model of beauty and so there is a hope on her to look perfect at all times.

It may appear weird but it is a fact that gaining weight is more difficult than losing weight. Boys that are very thin and skinny put their utmost energy in order to gain weight. They gain weight by increasing the mass of the muscle and not by adding fat to their body.

Do you desire to gain weight?? Being underweight is also a problem as being overweight is. Being underweight is very common nowadays. It is considered as a very good thing to be underweight in today's generation. It is considered to be as a style statement to be extremely thin and lean. Being underweight is also considered as a problem. A person should be of a balanced weight, he should be neither to fat nor to thin.

Do you want to gain weight? Are you a skinny person who wants to have a six pack abs and muscles?? Well the following article provides the perfect description of the steps that can lead to a healthy weight gain.

Thinking about the fastest tips to gain weight?? People may think that a person can gain weight at a lower rate as compared to losing of weight. A proper care should be taken weight should be gained but it does not means that you look healthy or bulky. As much as a person require losing weight, the need to gain weight for some person is equally important. It needs the same amount of patience and discipline as it needs to lose weight.

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