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Baldness means having no hairs

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Baldness means having no hairs or less amount of hair on head. A person both


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Ever you faced a situation when you really can't predict is fighting for the cause is worth? Well, that is the one moment when your mind breaks the spirit of your soul, the moment at which it is really hard to decide what to do and what not to do.

When a certain decision can change the whole thing and your blood is really moving fast in your body, the reason for this is still way out of your consciousness. No need to be so dumbstruck, the topic I m going to talk about is very well known and you really don't have to be in a fire ball to make decision, you just have to control yourself, use your awareness and be in a condition of not to feel shy to discuss it. Yes, I m talking about AIDS, that is very critical topic nowadays.

AIDS and its Modes of Causes

AIDS is Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Let me elaborate

Acquired means you can get infected with it;

Immune Deficiency means your immune system that fight against diseases in your body become weak.

Syndrome means many health problems that together can make up a disease.

The main cause of AIDS is a virus called HIV, the Human Immunodeficiency Virus.

How to Fight against AIDS

You can prevent it as it can only be prevented can't be cured. There is no cure for AIDS. There are drugs that can slow down the HIV virus, and slow down the damage to your immune system. There is no way to clear the HIV out of your body.

  • You know the fact. Be totally aware of the word, what it means, how it happens and how it can be prevented with great success. You get the knowledge, now you are very well equipped with knowledge that will help you to be secure always.

  • Spread the word, because the more it will spread, the people will get more aware and more awareness means half work is done without any doubt.

  • Yes, there are feelings that we can't resist. Its basic human nature, for those feelings there is no self control. But you can apply mind and use protection always.

  • Always consider be tested because sexually transmission is not only the reason for AIDS. It can cause through various other ways, from parents to child, by using same blades etc. So always be checked.

  • Always be a buddy with the person suffering from AIDS because its really not a disease that can spread by touching. So don't worry to be a friend of affected person and never make him feel separable part of society.

  • Being a part of a group that can educate people about the AIDS is always an effective way to help people fight against this evil disease and being a part of such a noble group is always a proud thing.

  • Share the pages at social sites that commonly used by people can send information to many people at a same time. This method is really time saving and effective.

AIDS and Society

AIDS has always been a critical word, for discussion, in the society. Most of the people compromising of society have a great misconception. People suffering from AIDS are always considered as the different part of society and they are really not treated well. Let us aware you, people having AIDS can live a regular life as normal people do live. This disease doesn't spread by touching as already told. These people need to be considered the integral part of society and will be treated normal and socially in an appropriate manner.

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